elf pity

Elf Pity is the ongoing musical project of Sam Herle, where they play guitar (sometimes electric and sometimes acoustic) and sing. It began in 2015 and has ranged from being a solo project to including many people. The current lineup includes Jens Johnson on guitar.

sam herle performing as elf pity
sam Herle performing as elf pity 2
Photos by Dani Neira



some past shows:

Vancouver, BC – 333 – with Crywank, Dadweed

Seattle, WA – Black Lodge – T-Rextasy, Emma Lee Toyoda, Porch Cat

New Westminster, BC – 100 Braid St Studios – Femme Talks & Art Jams

Vancouver, BC – The Wise Hall – Mad Ones, The Dawning

Portland, OR – Art Market PDX – Helens, Mere Mention

Vancouver, BC – 333 – Lawn Chairs, Pale North, Hayden Eller of The Cofounder

Vancouver, BC – Avant Garden – Emma Lee Toyoda, Nice Apple

Vancouver, BC – Red Gate – Hypatia, Dad Thighs

Vancouver, BC – Matador – Tinkin’ Pete, Cathy Schultes, Iris Grey, Zabrina Hey

Vancouver, BC – Black Lab – Tough Break, Morel, Timothy, Izzy Burgwin

Corvallis, OR – Tried & True Coffee Co

Seattle, WA – Tacome Dome (Wallingford Annex) – A Quiet Fest 2018

and many more!